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The Outaouais and Laurentians Region (Quebec)

The Outaouais and Laurentians region is a beautiful area, in which we can find many interesting villages for vacation. Including St-Emile de Suffolk, which is a beautiful village in the country in the Outaouais region. St-Emile de Suffolk is located between Montebello and Mont-Tremblant.

The Outaouais and Laurentians region is a homely place to live and to visit. When you visit the Ouataouais region for vacations destination, you can visit its many villages. Including Lac-des-Plages, Namur and St-Emile de Suffolk.

For example, St-Émile-de-Suffolk is a municipality located in the Outaouais region, in Quebec. The municipality was named in the honor of Émile de Carthage, a martyr in year 250, and in the honor of Émile Quesnel, which was one of the first resident in the area. The name Suffolk comes from the name of an area in England.

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To See

The inhabitants in the Outaouais and Laurentians region are friendly, and will welcome you to their village. For example, St-Emile de Suffolk has a population of approximately 550. Most people make a livinghood from the wood industry, because the village is surrounded by dense forests. St-Emile de Suffolk is also a vacation area, especially popular for the winter sports, including cross-country skiing, snowshoes, snowmobile and ATVs.

While visiting the Outaouais region, visit also St-Emile de Suffolk, the village. Vacation in the area. You can stroll on the main street to admire the traditional Quebec homes. Enjoy the view of the lake behind the Church. The Church was built in 1939 to replace the previous one, burnt in a fire.



Local Businesses

The Outaouais (including St-Emile de Suffolk) and Laurentians region, is home to local businesses and local artists. Visit the local businesses area of our website to see a list.

Known international artists are proud to call St-Emile de Suffolk "Home". Amonst the local artists is SuzieB Art (Suzie Boudreault).

You can view SuzieB Art' artwork in this website. Visit the contemporary artist's website for additional information.

Art St-Emile de Suffolk - SuzieB